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santorini travel guide 

Santorini Travel Guide :

We have gathered and answered the most frequently asked question about Santorini.

While visiting Santorini there are four major places you might consider as your base location: Fira, Oia, Imerovigli and Firostefani), providing their visitors with astonishing views of the sunset, volcano and Caldera island. Below you can find a quick summary of each individual location: 

  • Fira is the largest town in Santorini considered as a heart of the Island. You will find plethora of good restaurants ( followed up with a choice of some cheaper ones), shopping spots, luxury hotels and nightlife. 
  • Oia: is the second largest town in Santorini that has a bit more romantic atmosphere to it, and it doesn’t fall far from Fira in terms of a wide choice of restaurants and shopping
  • Firostefani: is a quiet town located 10 minutes away on foot from Fira. It provides benefits of fantastic views with much lower tourist saturation in comparison to Fira and Oia
  • Imerovigli is an authentic, Greek, slow-paced village with a choice of great restaurants as well as the best Caldera and sunset views. Located 25 minutes walk from Fira.

Both Oia and Fira will provide you with some great food places, beautiful views of the Caldera,  volcano, sunset views and equally reach choice of hotels. Both areas have their start point for walking tours, boat tours and wine tours as well as both are well equipped with grocery stores and mini markets. However, if you are hesitating with your final choice, here are a few tips that should help you with making a final decision:

  • FIRA: is a place offering better nightlife and shopping options. Moreover, most hotels provide a pretty good view of the sunset ( in Oia, you might need to leave the hotel). Fira with its central location is about 10 minutes from the airport and 15 minutes from the ferry, it is also a central hub for all bus routes that will take you directly to every beach town
  • OIA: has much more romantic atmosphere to it and it is a perfect choice for people considering car rental. Oia is located about 30 minutes form the airport and ferry stop. Exploring the island through public transport from Oia might be a little bit more of a hassle as passengers will need to change in Fira and catch an adequate bus to the chosen beach.
  • December – February: Winter in Santorini is slowly becoming more popular choice for tourists. You can see an increase of hotels deciding to stay open all-year-round. During these months the weather is cold and windy, with February being the coldest month of the year. However, the hotels that remain open ten to have extremely reduced prices.
  • March – May: are the best months to travel Santorini on budget.  Hotels tends to reduce their prices and the weather gets warm. This is also the best time for hiking and sightseeing in Santorini.  
  • June- August: Peak tourist time with the highest prices for both hotels and restaurants. You can expect consistently hot and sunny weather ( with an occasional strong winds in August – perfect for water sports) . Make sure to book your hotel far in advance for these particular months.
  • September – October: Considered as a shoulder season. The weather starts cooling down yet remains warm and pleasant. Public transport and ferries operation almost the same times as in the summer and hardly any routes are shut down. However, October is not a recommended month for swimming.
  • BUDGET TRIP: If you are visiting Santorini in a form of backpacking or you are quite tight on the budget you can expect spend around 60-65 euro per day. The budget assumes accommodation in a hostel dorm, selective food out ( mostly fast-food), self-made meals, using public transport to get around, paying for one attraction every other day and tkaing the most of a free activities. 
  • MEDIUM-RANGE TRIP: You should assume a budget of 160-170 euro per day – you should be able to afford accommodation in a private hostel room, rent a scooter, two meals out in a mid-range restaurant, take a guided tour or some paid activities.  the key to keep you spending on track in Santorini is to stay and eat back from the caldera side edge.
  • LUXURY TRIP: If you are planning your ‘dream-come-true’ holidays in Santorini your budget should circulate around 350 euro per day. It allows you to stay in a 5-star hotel, utilize taxi as a major type of transport, eat and drink out as well as utilize all sightseeing activities and tours of your choice
  • TO / FROM AIROPRT: There are frequent bus connections between the airport and Fira’s bus station. Moreover, most accommodations would provide you with a transport option to / from the airport for an additional fee ( some higher class hotels will include it as a part of the service). Alternatively, a taxi to the airport costs approx. 12-16 euro
  • ON FOOT: Santorini is a relatively small Island, however moving around on foot during the whole stay would be challenging. There is an easy walk from Fira town to all neighboring villages such as Kartherados, Imerovigli, Vourvolous and Firostephani. Moreover, there is a beautiful 13km long volcanic trail leading from Fira all the way to Oia which we 100% recommend even for the amateur hikers
  • BY CAR / MOTORBIKE: It is possibly the best way to explore Santorini. Prices for a car rent during the low-season (October – April ) start from 30 euro/day, high season brings the prices up for approximately 40 euros/day. The cost of motorbike/scooter starts from 20 euro/day in the off-season and 25 euros/day in the peak season.
  • BY BUS: Fira is quite well connected with most of the local villages. A route from Fira to Oia takes 25 minutes and costs 1.80 euro plus buses run quite frequently – during the summer season you can expect it at least twice every hour. Bus price from Fira to Perissa is 2.40 euros. 
  • If you are looking to explore as much as possible, you don’t need to compromise – it takes around 3 hours by ferry to get from one island to the other! You can go for a day visit, or fly to one island, take a ferry to another and book your return ticket from the second one.
  • If you are looking for an active holidays – choose Santorini, there is plenty to do including wineries, tours, hiking trails as well as a dreamy views – Santorini offers memorable Caldera and volcano views. It is family friendly but there are hardly any kids-oriented activities. There are a few bars and 3 nightclubs on the Island. On the opposite you can choose from the wide variety of a luxury hotels ( over 20 ).
  • If you are looking for the best beaches and some active nightlife – Mykonos might be a better choice for you. There is plenty beach parties, bars and clubs to choose from. Opposite to the Santorini, Mykonos can offer you beautiful, sandy beaches and great swimming. However, despite the beauty of the Island views are not as spectacular as the Santorini ones, followed up with a lower number of a luxury hotel ( 5-10 ).


Santorini Travel Guide


Watch sunset from Oia >>


There must be a reason why Santorini's sunset has been recognized as the most beautiful one in the World. Make sure to make the most of it by watching the sun going down from one of the edge-sided restaurants sipping your glass of white wine! However, be aware that the peak season


Fira to Oia Hike >>


If you are up for an adventure you will surely be interested into the most popular hike in Santorini. This 13km long track will take you through caldera's edge with a breathtaking views over the island and the volcano. Make sure you prepare adequate hiking shoes, water, sunscreen and some snacks.


Taste Local Wine >>


Santorini is also famous for its wine. Due to a unique climate Santorini wine's offer you some exquisite palettes - crisp, clear dry whites, and the amber-colored, unfortified dessert wine Vinsato.Make sure to try one regardless of whether you choose to go for a wine trip or try some individually. As wine tours tend to fill up quickly, make sure to book in advance. You can find the best wineries in the section below.


Explore Local Beaches >>


Santorini beaches are known for its uniqueness and variety. Despite the fact that the Island is not the best place to look for idyllic, white-sanded beach fronts, you can find the most breathtaking spots made up of volcanic rocks including famous black and red beaches.


Experience Parasailing


Fly high over the sea and watch the beauty of the exquisite views of Santorini on a parasailing adventure. It's a perfect fun idea for adventurous ones! If you want to appreciate the beauty of the sunset from a unique perspective, find yourself a parasailing sunset offer - costly option, yet breathtaking experience guaranteed.






2 Days


10:00 Breakfast at Pure (Fira)

 11:30 Oia to Fira Hike

13:30 Eat at Roka

15:30 Visit Museum of Prehistoric Thira

17:30 Eat at Kapari Wine Restaurant

19:00 Watch the sunset from Oia or Fira

20:00 Watch a movie at the Open Air Cinema 


10:00 Breakfast at Pasaggio (Oia)

11:30 Visit a local beach (Perrissa or Red Beach) 

13:00 Lunch at Argo

14:00 Wine Tour

19:00 Dinner at Metaxi

4 Days


9:30 Breakfast at Hungry Donkey

11:00 Visit Akrotiri

14:00 Lunch at The Cave of Nikolas

15:00 Boat Tour

19:00 Dinner at the ‘Wine Bar’


9:30 Breakfast at Our Corner Cafe

10:30 Go for a Cultural / Santorini Tour

14:30 Lunch at Athenian House

16:00 Visit Local beach
19:00 Dinner at Ambrosia (Oia)/ Naoussa (Fira)


Eat Like Local


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