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Holiday accommodation can make or break your dream vacation 

And that’s exactly why World Hotel Collective was born. 

Hi, my name is Ewa Sikora, the founder of World Hotel Collective, and I started this website with one simple mission: to help holidaymakers choose the best hotel so they can enjoy their vacation to the fullest.

Not only that, but I go to great lengths to make sure all of the advice, guides, and hotel reviews you find on our site are easy to understand, comprehensive, well-researched, and written with you—the traveler —in mind. 

Who am I on a personal note? Previously digital manager, now founder and creator of the website about hotels with a lifestyle-style atmosphere. For years I have worked as a marketing manager in the media, hotels and PR & Social Media Agencies. I developed strategies and carried out marketing campaigns for such markets as Intercontinental Hotels and Crowne Plaza.

In 2015, while still a student, I found a passion for travel. Since then, I have had the opportunity to live in 6 countries such as Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Italy, and now – England. I have visited over 40 countries and hundreds of hotels, and in 2020 I started the World Hotel Collective project, which is the culmination of my passion for traveling, discovering new places and hotels, and the willingness to share my feelings and insights with others.

World Hotel Collective is not a travel agency or a hotel chain, therefore we don’t sell any of our own services. But if that’s what you’re looking for, we offer unbiased, deeply-researched educational guides and can redirect you to a hotel that is just perfect for your upcoming holidays.


Feel free to check the Polish version of the website: HotelMag


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